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Woodlite Headlights, One Pair, Original

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WOODLITE Headlights, Genuine Original, Pair, Excellent, Used


Very light patina.  Can be used as-is or easily restored.  Complete except for one lid latch and two internal spring clips.  Data plate tarnished.


Appraised at $5K for the pair.  I’m open to offers.  Can deliver to Hershey in October.


Whitney Haist








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Don't think they were original factory equipment on any car, but a dealer or aftermarket installed accessory.  


They look good on a few cars, but not all, in my opinion.  L-29 Cord is where they show up the most, on which they look great, Ruston, some other speedster models.


Although they look different, it was said the interior reflector design actually gave a nice beam of light.

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Buick35 - These lights were factory standard on Ruxton automobiles. They were also dealer-options on several other high end oddball late 20’s cars like Kissel.

Im aware that from the 137 Kissels which survive, there are two Kissels from the mid 20’s that have these.

Ron Hausmann P.E.

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Hello my name Johnny  and have only one woodlite headlight in very ,very good condition only flaw I seen on it is  tiny dent in the crome by the hinge area you have to really look he ardbto find it everything is there including original bulb I know im probably on the wrong page to addvertise this  just throwing it out there.i havent seen s better looking woodlite headlight than i have i havent tried bto polish restote for fear of ruining it ill leave that up to  the pros asking 2500.00-  3000.00 obo no bids yet but bet you dollars to dounuts the first bid gets it contact Johnny at

541 301 2915

541 227 4927

Good day











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