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1999 Riviera Silver Arrow #10 of 200 … Needs WORK!!!


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I’m not sure I will get any responses about this but I thought I would post it anyway.


Next up for consideration … Once again, I am downsizing, and this one is next on my list.


I’ll start with, I DO NOT want to part this car out … unless all else fails.


My second Silver Arrow, #10, is pretty well worn, and I am looking to get it gone. The car is at 273K miles and shows it pretty much. It will clean-up some, but no matter what, it still shows its age and miles.


Before it quit running completely, there were HVAC issues I was looking into that I never got repaired. And, the trunk developed a leak, so the trunk lining has been removed, but is all there. Then, a couple of years ago the fuel pump quit, and it has been sitting ever since. I know I could replace the fuel pump, and repair the HVAC problems, I’m just not sure at this point if the car is worth the money and effort. I’ll attach a couple of pictures of its present condition, these are after I kind of washed off a couple of years of crud from sitting.


NEW-20190721-1.thumb.jpg.7c1d7a4bbf5be320aaeb35041d90eebf.jpg  NEW-20190721-2.thumb.jpg.ddf8885a4618ff53eee849a7de71b71f.jpg


The dash and interior are pretty much taken apart, I did that looking into the HVAC issues. There are five actuators that control the air flow and at least one of those is acting up, probably more. The fuel pump is available from RockAuto for right around $250 for an AC Delco pump, there are other brands starting at around $75. It is accessible through an access panel in the trunk floor. As I said, I am just not sure, with as many as I have right now, that I want to spend the money and time to get it running.


I am starting this one at $1,500. I figure even with the high mileage, AND not running, a 1999 Silver Arrow has to be worth something.


Let me know if there is any interest, or if anyone wants more detailed pictures. This car will have to be picked up, and towed to its new home. It is located approximately right in the center of North Carolina. If anyone wants to post it elsewhere, that would be fine too.


Keep in mind, selling it piece by piece would be a last resort, so unless I cannot sell it complete, I do not want to sell the emblems off of it.

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On 8/16/2019 at 11:39 AM, misteroman said:

Any chance you have the original cover for it?

 I actually wound up buying another silver arrow on this website just for the emblems but it didn't have the cover.




This one did not come with the cover.


Other than the items attached to the car the only SA trinkets that came with it were the leather owner's manual cover and one key fob.


I have a cover for my other one, but even after buying two of them I don't have the sterling silver pen.

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