Al Rennick

Verne Frantz's 'Collectable Automobile' 10/2019 comments

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Verne Frantz,

                       Read your letter to the editor and found your observations regarding the Terry Boyce article very enjoyable.  Thank you. 


I am interested in documenting color combinations specific to the 1962 model year full size Chevrolet.  Not having success with the usual sources (i.e. dealer album, sales catalogue, etc.).  The vehicle is in the early stage of documentation before beginning restoration.  Can you offer other information source(s).  Regards, Al Rennick

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Hey Al.

I know Verne for some time and he seldom frequents this site. I will PM you his contact information good luck. I am the other tech advisor for 1962 Chevy's for the VCCA. If you cant get through to Verne i would be happy to assist you or get you pointed in the right direction

Good Luck,

What model are you restoring?  If I can help I would be more then happy


John Mahoney

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