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SOLD-1928/29 Chrysler/Plymouth steering wheel, column, controls and box

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I have a complete steering wheel assembly for a 1928/29 era Plymouth/Chrysler, has very nice wood 4 spoke wheel, all center controls, horn button, clum switch, tight steering box etc. $220+shipping. let me know if any interest. SOLD




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Hi Gunsmoke,

 That steering wheel looks the same as the one on a 1927 Chrysler 50 I restored many years ago. Cant be sure, but it might be the same.



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The entire steering assembly (horn button to box) was found in an old fellows shed 4 years ago, where he said it had been standing in the same corner when he bought the property 50 years earlier. I've seen similar wheels on internet circa 1928 Chrysler and Plymouth. Several local people interested in wheel only, but I hate to break up the whole assembly. But remain open to offers. I've been alerted to fact wheel has a 1/2" hole about 1/4" deep in one spoke, would take a 1/8" screw in back (see pic), not sure why, perhaps a spinner at one time. I planned to fill it with a proper wood plug, but no longer plan to use this wheel. 


To add more intrigue, I also have this 2nd assembly, I believe circa 1929 Dodge, 4 spoke bakelite wheel (excellent condition, no cracks) but it has one broken lever. The other set of controls shown below is for the wooden wheel.


For those who might be interested in any of this stuff, the control rods for the wood wheel assembly (with 2 good levers shown) are 37&3/8" from lever plate to end of longest tube, and horn boss is 3&5/8" dia. The bakelite wheel controls have a 3" boss and rod length of 38&1/4" but as noted one lever is broken. Of course I also have jacket, shaft and box for both. Thanks for looking, if in need of something let me know, I'm in Nova Scotia Canada, so shipping should not be too high except if someone wants a column/box combo.


Finally, I also have a good longer column/box (about 3" longer?)I think from a Dodge DC8, no controls or wheel.




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