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Gear oil

Per Mysen

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This stuff contains a sulphur-phosphate EP additive. Some of them attack copper bearing metals.


So.....is there any bronze or brass or other copper bearing metals in the gearbox or rear axle? If there is synchromesh, the balking rings will be brass or bronze. You may have bronze bushes in the countershaft gear.


If so, you MUST satisfy yourself it will not attack those metals. Usually, you look for the Copper Strip Corrosion Test results. In the USA, it is ASTM D130 and the result must be 1a (or 1b at a pinch).


I have found two contradictory Technical Data Sheets on Shell Omala S2 G 680. One refers specifically to only steel components, the other says it has corrosion inhibitors for both steel and bronze. So which to believe? Without further information, I would not use it if there was bronze in the gears. You could speak to the Shell Technical Representative or hunt around further to see what you can find.


ISO 680 viscosity is within the SAE 140 band for gear oils. If you have any synchromesh in the gearbox, this might be a bit thick for it and a bit slippery.

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If you are talking about Omala S4 GX 680, this is the Tech. Sheet. No mention of bronze. Also, if you have hypoid gears in the differential, they recommend a "W" series oil, not this one. You would definitely need to ask about copper corrosion if you have bronze in the gears.




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