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Ranch Wagon/Country Sedan (mid-50's) Expert Needed


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I have a 1955 Ford 4-dr station wagon. When purchased, it had no chrome script which says what model it is. I understand Country Squires had the "wood trim" side panels, so mine must be one of the other two. The side chrome is of the variety that goes straight across the doors to the front fender, does not sweep up to the top of the front fender. Will VIN tell what model it is? I think the chrome trim I described belongs to the Ranch Wagon. Also, I see now on E-Bay a Country Sedan that has the chrome script on the rear quarter panel. Mine has the holes for the chrome script drilled on the front fender.


I love especially the cars of my youth - 1949 to 1960 or so. I don't know or care what classification they fall in. I try to keep them as stock as possible (within my limited budget). I respect the great styled cars of the thirties. Can't understand the need for the great controversies that Dave and Pete create.

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I'm far from a Ford expert, but the way I understand mid-50s Ford wagons, Country Squires and Country Sedans were four-door wagons with difference being woodgrain on the Squires. Parklanes and Ranch Wagons were two-door wagons, again with the Parklane having the fancy fake wood side panels and I think fender skirts. Ranch Wagons usually had a western theme upholstery pattern. As you know, Ford car series in 1955-56 were Mainline, Customline and Fairlane which explains differences in trim and script locations for both the cars and the wagons.

All this is based on childhood recollections of my uncle's '56 Parklane and a neighbor's mint green '55 Ranch Wagon.

While we're on this subject- another neighbor had a 56 Customline 2-door sedan that was a strange (to my young eyes) purplish gray color. Any idea what that color was called?

Now that I think about it, there were no less than six 55-56 Fords in the community where I grew up. The two aforementioned wagons, another red and white wagon, the gray Tudor, and two 1955 Fordor sedans. One mint green Customline, one tutone blue Fairlane Town Sedan. For some reason I was scared of the lady who had the Town Sedan, though she and my mother were friends...

Like 'em or not, the Dave and Pete Show usually garners a lot of interest and occasional thought-provoking discussion. We need people like them to keep things balanced crazy.gifsmirk.gif .

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I love wagons but don't know the Fords as well as the GM's. But I do have some research material.

Ranch Wagon was the base trim 2 door model then the 6 & 8 passenger Country sedans and finally the top of line Country Squire.


<tr><td>Model Number</td><td>Body Style</td><td>Description</td></tr>

<tr><td>A5</td><td>59A</td><td>2-dr Ranch Wagon 6 passenger</td></tr>

<tr><td>A5</td><td>59B</td><td>2 dr Cus Ranch Wagon</td></tr>

<tr><td>A5</td><td>79B</td><td>4 dr Country Sedan 6 & 8 Passenger</td></tr>

<tr><td>A5</td><td>79C</td><td>4 dr Country Squire</td></tr>


These are the numbers if you have a 6 banger. If there is a V8 under the hood, the A5 will be a U5/P5. Also they split the 79 B into 79B for 6 passenger and 79D for 8 passenger. 79C is still the top of the line.

Trim Levels...

Country Sedan

Chrome Window moldings, Chrome horn half ring, two sun visors (as opposed to 1 on the Ranch Wagon), arm rests on all doors, and a horizontal Chrome strip along the entire length of the body.

Country Squire

This level of trim had a Chrome side sweep molding.

My best guess is that you have a middle of the line Country Sedan. The model will tell for sure though. Check your VIN plate.

Enjoy you new wagon.

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Hi Al,

As I said, I am no authority on Ford wagons. My information comes from books. In this case, Standard Catalog of American Cars 1946- 1975.

It wouldn't surprise me if I was wrong on the trim details. I was hoping that it gave RiverSlim enough information to identify his wagon.

Looking at the books again though, it shows the simulated wood in 1956. It has a picture and they are fine looking cars.

Would a 1955 also have the wood or would it have Chrome ?

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Wouldn't the Country Sedan have been available in all three trim lines? Maybe Bill S is thinking about a Fairlane Country Sedan.

Just remembered two more 56 Fords from my past. A tutone green Fairlane hardtop that had had Fairlane trunk trim added to its fender skirts, and a green and white Fordor sedan that one of my cousins owned briefly before a pissed-off teenage meltdown made him drive it into the side of a dumptruck. And after all that the girl still wouldn't talk to him... tongue.gif.

On a different take- has anyone else seen a 55 or 56 with optional extra side trim? Two of the wide fluted bands down the side, from the "Fairlane sweep" to the taillight. Saw one at Spring Carlisle ten years ago or better, and the guy had paperwork documenting its availability.

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  • 16 years later...

There were two '55-'56 Ford Country Sedan models.

 With the straight line trim ('55) and the Customline sweepspear ('56) would be the 6-passenger version. Fairlane side trim would denote the '55 or '56 8-passenger 3rd seat Country Sedan. The seats were very different in each version, and the removable 3rd seat is often missing. 


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