35 Buick trunk lock cylinders

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Hi,I'm getting new trunk latches made for my 35. On my old ones the lock cylinders turn and latch with a key but when unlocked they come right out of the latch. What is supposed to hold them in place? I hope they will work in my new latches when I get them . Thanks,Greg.



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Is that a button push to open? I don't have a 35, and it is hard to tell how that latch works from your picture.


If it is a button, I think your lock cylinder is broken.

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I recently fixed the pushbutton on my 36 Pontiac glovebox. The cylinder fell out only when unlocked. It turned out that a piece was broken off of the cylinder. The cylinder casting (just the piece with the tumblers in it) was what needed to be replaced.


On this particular lock (the button), you turn 90 degrees to the right to unlock, and then you can remove the latch from the back, then turn the lock ANOTHER 90 degrees and the cylinder comes out.


I wonder if yours is a similar design? This is the unlocked position. See that notch at the top rear of the cylinder casting? It shouldn't be there.





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