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1951 Packard Side View Mirror Request


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I was wondering if some Packard owners on the Forum could post pictures of the side view mirrors on their 1951-1954 Packards.  While I like the style of the mirrors I have on my '51 400, the only way you can see out of the driver's side mirror is to adjust the mirror so that it hangs down rather than up, where it would be more useful.  I always have to lean forward to see out of the mirror when driving.


These mirrors were purchased by the previous owner from one of the major Packard vendors and are supposedly are the style that were used on this year Packard.  I have driver's side and passenger side mirrors, and I have tried to switch the two mirrors but there was absolutely no improvement.  I can't find a way to take the mirror off of the bracket to see if there might be some adjustment there.  When I try to unscrew the mirror from the bracket, it hits the bracket's base and you cannot adjust it to clear the base.


So, I am considering looking for replacement mirrors.  Maybe someone else has run into the same problem and found a solution?


Thanks for your help.


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