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Looking for specialist in vintage truck restoration parts


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My Name is Rawlin, I am a Collision Parts Specialist for a Collision Repair Shop in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Our shop recently was brought a vintage 1954 Fargo Truck, the model of truck is a FC1B-108 and I have been assigned to locate the follow parts to repair the damages:

Frt RH Fender

Frt Header Panel

Frt RH Headlamp

Frt RH Park Light

Frt Bumper

I have called multiple businesses searching for the following parts, in which nobody I called was able to help me as the parts are hard to come by. I am looking to the followers of this forum for assistance in suggesting to me any vintage wreck yard, restoration garage or specialist who may assist in my search for the parts. Please feel free to contact me via email at rawlinmillar@beancars.ca and include “FARGO” in the subject line of the email. Please only email if you have a legitimate contact or can confirm where parts are located.

Thank you all and have a wonderful day.

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Post a photo so we know what you've got.  We can compare it to Dodge trucks of the period to see what would fit the Fargo.  Is it a 1/2-ton truck or a larger one?  Is it a low side bed or a high wide bed?  What is the bed width for the front panel?


For some of the Dodge parts, try robertsmotorparts.com and horkeyswoodandparts.com.  Also mar-k.com for bed parts.

Look through this page at Horkey's:  https://www.horkeyswoodandparts.com/page36.php


See this article about 1954 Dodge trucks at Hemmings:  https://www.hemmings.com/blog/article/pilot-house-vision-1954-dodge/



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With all due respect to the OP, whose job it is to find replacement parts, it seems the ability of body shops to hammer out dented metal is a lost art. The front of the Fargo doesn’t look that bad, and finding good replacements may be difficult and slow. Because of the cost of labor and the availability of cheap off-brand stampings for modern cars, body shop practice is remove-and-replace. It would take a real restoration shop to deal with the accident damage - and those are getting harder to find. A dilemma!

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