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Auto lite Generator model GH

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I would like to know what vehicles an Auto lite Generator would fit. I have 3 of these. one is gear driven, one has a bar on the fron and the third is missing the attachment. I assume they fit a good number of different cars.

Any help would be appreciated

Pictures of one of them is in the parts  for sale section



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If you are an AACA member, you are eligible for 1.5 hours of free research. Just send an email with your membership number to mhocker@aaca.org


Please include pictures of the models in question, along with the period you believe they date from.


I will say that, at best, we may be able to date them. I searched the patent numbers you provided but didn't turn anything up. For interchangeability on pre-war cars, the Lester Steele Handbook of Automobile Specifications is a great resource and covers model years 1915-1942. Many of the specifications lists identify the manufacturers of equipment, so you might be able to see the different cars which used the same generator.


If you happen to live close enough, it might be worth visiting the library for more in-depth research.


-Matt Hocker, Assistant Librarian

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