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We lost another very special man this summer in Tom Akins of Urchville Ohio. Great 

knowledge of h series Lincolns and super nice guy. He was the kind of fellow that 

you wanted to listen to, when he started talking.  I was fortunate enough to have ventured

down to his country home way off the beaten track to the Akins Lincoln Sanctuary, where

you couldnt walk ten feet without stumbling across an V-12.  I looked at Edsels "other"

Continental, or the remains of it that went overseas for rehab, and his postwar lz coupe 

sitting just off the drive waiting for it's due.....here is a couple pics from that trip with pres

J Blanchard, Tom and I.



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Well said, so knowledgeable and always willing to help.  Was at the Ferrum, VA show in 2016 (back row brown shirt) as Dr Dave R. referred to last Sat; Tom spent much the afternoon in the shade talking with all and enjoying the show. - Jerry Dick in the background pulling his '41 coupe off the field.


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