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Quadrajet Casting Plugs???


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In another forum, I came across some info about QJ leaking from the casting plugs into the manifold, flooding and causing hard start. I found some more info dicussing this and to epoxy them, but no details.

My question: Where exactly are these "Casting Plugs"?? Does anyone have detail info on doing this?? Any diagrams would be great too. I just don't wanna start JB Welding every hole I see.


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Once you have the QuadraJet completely apart and cleaned, look on the bottom of the float bowl and you will see the plugs. They're steel balls pressed/staked into the float bowl body to plug the holes left from drilling the passages from the main jets to the venturi cluster nozzles and for the secondary metering rod transfer holes during carb manufacture.

These plugs are notorious for leaking fuel from the float bowl into the intake manifold. I had a brand-new Q-Jet start leaking at less than 6 months old <img src="/ubbthreads/images/icons/tongue.gif" alt="" /> .

Mix up yer JB Weld or other epoxy and coat the plugs thoroughly. Allow to dry before reassembling the carb. Some carb kits include a dense foam well plug to install under the plugs as a fix for this problem, but the epoxy is yer best bet.

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With no disrespect intended to anyone: epoxy is clearly quick and easy, but will not last. Epoxy will degrade in gasoline. Check with your local auto parts store. A number of companies produced a different type plug. This required machining out the old plugs, and then pressing in the new plugs.

Incidentally, this only applies to the 1965 through 1967 model quadrajets. The design was changed in 1968, and the newer design rarely leaks (I personally have not seen a new design leak, but too old to use the word "never").


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