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Grandfathers Buick: Is this a 1929?

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My flapper mother stands beside her father's Buick. I'm guessing that it's a 1929 Buick but I'd like to know for certain. There's got to be someone out there who can confirm the year.


My grandfather bought a new Buick every year between 1917-1956. I don't remember what he owned after that. Somewhere in my attic is a stack of photos of many of his Buicks. He had a Cadillac sometime in the 1930's and hated it.


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And even though the car in the photo you posted is a Caddy and not a Buick, the photo of your mom is fantastic!  The outfit and the hairdo are both fabulous, and you are very lucky to have such a great image.  (And I probably shouldn't say it on this forum, but the car is pretty cool as well!) 😉

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