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1923 Dodge Brothers Touring *SOLD*

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*SOLD* This 1923 Dodge Brothers touring is another car that represents a great way into the hobby for not a lot of cash. You won't find many cars this nicely restored for the money, and it has a great deal of recent work, including a rebuilt engine, rebuilt starter/generator, rebuilt coil and distributor, new exhaust, and more. The body and paint were refinished perhaps 20 years ago and still look great with very few signs of wear or use. The burgundy finish with black fenders is a traditional look that will always look good and the fit and finish is pretty good throughout. The hood takes some fiddling to close, but once you know what it likes it's easy, and the bumpers have been painted rather than plated but it's not that noticeable. The top is older, maybe replaced in the '50s or '60s and there's a slight tear on the passenger side rear quarter so we didn't try to put it down just in case it got worse. There's also a set of what appear to be original side curtains.


The upholstery has been replaced and it's quite authentic-looking--so good that even I can't quite tell if it's vinyl or leather. The fat wooden steering wheel makes it easy to maneuver the tidy little Dodge and all the gauges are fully operational. My only real complaint is that the shifter really moves far to the left for reverse and first gear, almost under your leg, but I actually have no trouble driving it in just 2nd and 3rd, there's plenty of torque. Rear carpets are in good shape and there's a certain charm to a car with a hand-cranked windshield wiper. Look around, this is a really nice little car.


The sturdy 4-cylinder Dodge engine displaces 212 cubic inches and makes about as much power as a Model A Ford, at least by feel. It was rebuilt 18 months ago and runs great, starting easily and silently (Dodges use a 12-volt electrical system and the starter/generator whispers it to life easily) and idling nicely. It likes a little bit of choke when it's cold, but once it's warm it pulls energetically and makes a nice four-cylinder bark through a fresh exhaust system. It's nicely detailed, although you could take it up a notch with little stuff like hose clamps, but it really doesn't need much. As I mentioned, the shifter is a little wonky but the transmission is just fine and it zips along at 35 MPH without any drama. The undercarriage is tidy and clean and the brakes are reasonably effective, although you really need to pay attention driving any car of this vintage. If you're going to tour I might replace those Firestone Non-Skids, which are probably at least 20 years old, but for tooling around town they're just fine. 


It also includes a few spare parts, tools, and the Book of Information, which I find to be a flat-out awesome name for an owner's manual.


Find a nicer car for less money that's ready to tour--I'll wait. This Dodge is handsome, reasonably quick, and very easy to live with. For $17,900, you couldn't come close to duplicating it and it's all but ready to go on the road or to casual shows. Want a tough, easy-to-service, nicely finished, attractive early car that you can practice on? You can't do much better than this. Thanks for looking!









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These four-cylinder Dodges are amongst the most underrated tour cars. They are known to be quick, agile and  dependable. There are enough of them around so there is an adequate support system for information and parts, yet they are far from common. This touring car would be a great and affordable entry into any nickel-era or Glidden tours. 

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I love the early Dodges, my third car (out of over 200!) was a '24 touring, and I drove it all over the place.  Most reliable car you'd ever own, never left me stranded.  I also had a '25 coupe, a '21 sedan, and a '20 touring, all great driving cars.  


I now have a '27 Dodge cabriolet, Fast Four as they call it.  Yeah, it's fast, the one advertised is a 40 mph car all day and my "Fast Four" is a 45 mph car all day.


Nice car, and as mentioned, Dodge is a lot of car for the money.....


Matt did you get my email about another topic?  thanks dc

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My third car was a '24 Dodge California Top Touring, in 1961.  I agree with all of the good comments about "12 volt Dodges".  Dependable and virtually unstoppable.  I recall the old-timers calling them "stump pullers".  In my shop, I have an 8 x 10 black & white photo of it at the Illinois State Fair 1961 Antique Car Show.


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I've always admired the '23 (I think) Dodge roadster you see all through one of my favorite films, "A River Runs Through It". Handsome and rugged cars. Driver's seat looks a little roomier than a typical early '20's touring, no? Another great car at a good price from Matt.

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