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Tin Woody Valuation


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I am looking at a very well done 1949 Chevrolet Tin Woody restorod. The paint and interior, wood graining, etc are all very nice to excellent. All panel fit is spot on. They restored all the wood and wood grained the garnish moldings. The car looks mostly original by it sits like a rod and can be driven on trips comfortably. It has a 350/700R4 drivetrain and I like the way everything was done. i.e. If I were building it, I would pretty much copy this one.


My problem is trying to determine the value of this car. Well done Tin Woody's just don't cross the auction block often and the valuation guides are for totally stock cars...and even those have a lot of variability. I do believe I've seen a decline in the prices of Woody's lately. How do I determine the value of this car? Any suggestions as to a range of what it may be worth?


Thanks for your help!



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Modified cars are virtually impossible to value--they aren't what they were originally so comparisons are difficult and price guides are even more worthless than usual. You could try to figure out the cost of duplication and then deduct for use and wear, but that's equally difficult because you don't know how to value the time involved--is it a pro-built car or a hobbyist-built car? You could try to find others like it, but they won't be the same quality or have the same modifications, so that's not really apples-to-apples.

I think better questions to ask yourself are if the asking price is something you can afford and if it sounds reasonable to you and whether you will enjoy owning the car. We spend too much time worrying about whether we're paying the right price for something without noticing that we're wasting irreplaceable time waiting for a perfect bargain. If you like the car and will enjoy it and can afford it, who cares if some guys on the internet think it's the right price? You are the only one whose opinion in that regard matters anyway. And I'd bet you $10 that whatever the asking price is, it's still a fraction of the cost of the build.


Hobbies are about fun first and foremost. If the car will make you smile, then I say that's money well spent (and by the way, what other hobby will give you MOST of your money back when you're done? Very few.). Jump in and start swimming--you can always get more money but more time is impossible.

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Oh, I'm already up to my neck in the hobby. My wife thinks I should sell one before I buy another one.....but this is my first Woody and I've got all the bugs worked out of the others. 😁  You are absolutely correct on that time thing. I'm 65 and want to enjoy all I can while I can.


It is a pro built car and, even though I could do everything but the paint and interior, I could not find a good starting car and finish it to this level for what he's asking. He is, no doubt, pretty upside down even at his asking price.


Perusing the auction sites, it doesn't appear that Woodys are selling very well now. That seems to be the case for most all pre 65 cars. I think it has to do with the aging of us fans of those cars but I still love them. Thanks!

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