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1929 Franklin 130 length and width


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Hi all,


Would anyone happen to know a rough bumper to bumper length and fender to fender width of a 1929 Franklin 130?


I'm considering the car advertised below and need to make sure it will fit in my garage


Thanks in advance!

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 2.55.34 PM.png

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Thank you odat for the dimensions; looks like it would be a fit!
The one in Oregon looks like a really good deal, and thanks for sharing! I do not doubt that chrome and paint on a project car would put me above the 15k mark easily and quickly. Unfortunately that one is pretty far over my project car budget :-/ I'm planning on spending 5k or less for a car, which leaves me with a few k left to get started on a driver quality overhaul with lots of sweat equity :) 

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The cars I am looking at are not runners, but you bring up a good point Brooklyn. There a chance some of these were parked for expensive reasons decades ago. Not being able to hear one run and drive is a risk for sure. Good news is I learned there is a whole lot to like about Franklins from your car search thread earlier this year :)


Scott, I’m located in Gainesville Florida, what would you be interested in selling? 

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