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the black '34 Lincoln KA is back!

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-I remember folks discussing what a great value this car seemed to be when it sold for a very modest sum @ auction roughly a yr ago? I wonder if someone is just flipping it or if the new owners were disappointed with it? Great looking car with a cool story-eager to get a look at it here on the east coast!

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Same photos. My guess is that the buyer was unable/unwilling to consummate the deal and RM is re-running it at Hershey to find a new buyer. That car is surely rougher than it looks in photos and they had to know that disappointment was going to be the primary emotion a new owner felt. This isn't a surprise to the auction guys and I guarantee it happens quite a bit.


Knowing what I now now about V12 Lincolns of this vintage, I would be skittish about buying one in that condition, regardless of price. I'd say that even if it sells for the "bargain" price of $25,000, you're still only halfway towards having a car you can actually use on tour, previous auction description notwithstanding.

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You will note they pushed it onto the auction block. That car doesn't run. There's a reason it's back and why it's cheap, and it isn't because everyone overlooked a great car and the previous buyer was pleased with it.

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