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For a 1931.  Is there a difference between the wood wheel and wire wheel brake drums front and rear?

Thank you.  

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Most wooden spoked wheels I have seen for many makes have the brake drum/hub an integral part of the wheel, usually bolted thru the spokes with 6-8 bolts using a hub flange on outer face, and the drum as a backing plate. Many such wheels have split rings or lock rings to permit easy tire changing without having to remove drum&hub. For wire wheels, the wheel is completely separate from the hub&drum assembly, fitted with 5 standard lug nuts or bolts. Here is photo of what I think are early 30's Auburn wire wheel front hubs/drums, rears would be similar except fronts have bearings in hub while for rear, bearings are in axle housing. 3rd&4th photo is of a rear hub/drum/wheel from a 1930 Dodge DC8 showing the drum integral with the wheel, secured thru the spokes with 8 bolts. Hope this helps.





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 I would suggest you post your question on the ACD Club website. I'm sure someone there would know. It looks like they are different depending on the wheel.






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