1955 322 piston-- that was welded

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I was at a local show this weekend I was glad to see this 55. Nice car with a fresh engine and a piston sitting by the car, not many people bring a piston for show and tell. I looked at the piston and to my surprise it was welded, I had to ask what this was all about.  The story is new owner found a plug wire not attached he attached the plug wire then started the engine. It had piston noise and when he drove it down the road it smoked horribly, enough you could not see behind the car.  Someone welded a STD piston then put it in a 030 over block.  It sounds like he worked it out with the seller regarding the purchase in the end. I have seen many things but this is a first.  



1955 piston.jpg

1955 piston weld.jpg

1955 RM.jpg

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Someone knew enough to weld aluminum and take an engine apart but somehow didn't connect the dots that this was a horrible idea. 

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