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Truck door logos from the thirties

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Now that my 1933 Chevrolet  1.5 ton dump truck tires issue might be behind me , it is time to consider what I should put on the sides of it that would be period for it. Gonna need something appropriate for the era and use of truck does anyone have a collection or website of door/box/tailgate logos from the early thirties? The photos I sent are from my Gr. Grandfather's 37 Dodge Bros. he trading in two Ford Model A pup's on it and it was used by the company into the 1970's ending up life as an Ice-fishing shack on Lake Winnebago considering those are 100 pound LP bottles, overload wasn't a question back then

37 dodge.jpg

37 dodge 2.jpg

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1934 211 Diamond T driven by my Grandfather, shown with him, my little nephew and myself. Just a sample of signage in the '30's.

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