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Looking for 1932 Commander parts Model 71


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I'm working on a 32 Commander and it has missing parts.


Hood Brace, or whatever held the hoods to the car.   Front 170898  rear 251049  Got a template of the front brace.  Thanks Rick!


Fender to radiator support, holds headlamps   


cowl top air 'door' and  parts that hold it on      Found!

Door hinge pins,  need a whole set for the car  ( and a couple spares?  )        FOUND!


Speedo cable  171045  77 1/4 inches  also fits:  62,  80, 90. 91  FOUND!


wiper motors and all parts to make it work, arms and blades,   Vac canister  motors are  253756  and  253757  I need to find all the other part numbers.  Every part of the wipers seems lost including the switch/ controls.  FOUND 1


Front Bumper and brackets,  These are rare.  I'll take any bumper that looks the era. 

Rear bumper and brackets, both are gone, no bolts either.  FOUND part of it


Outside door handles

Tail light stands  and lights 


Throttle linkage from pedal to back of head.  FOUND gas pedal and small link.   NEED to know what is in between

Trunk supports, base, and trunk and whatever holds it on.  ON HOLD.  who needs one to go drive and have fun


These parts do not need to be perfect, I can re- wire light sockets, weld, bend shape metal, rebuild old regulators and restore old stuff.


I'm looking up part numbers today and will add them in.  I have just a couple pictures.  Most of these parts did not come with it.



32 W - S pivot  DODGE radiator badge 004.jpg

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Like the bumper bolts and door hinge pins, if you have access to a lathe or contact a machine shop and have them made out of stainless steel. I made set of front door hinge pins and brackets for my Rockne so I could install side mirrors. 

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Hi, yes it has oval Glo Lites,  the book does not show exactly what the headlight  'Rod'' looks like but does show the casting called a 

Bracket'.  I need both for both sides, or a sample to copy.  


H/L support brackets are part number 253261 P  and 253262P and are model 71  model 91  some model 65's with Glo Lite   but I do not know what they look like and the book lists  'rods' for other models but not for model 71? .  


I'd Take the whole headlight assemblies if I have to buy them to get the bases and rods. I may need the small bezel hardware or some small thing anyway.


I do know I can make a pin but I have no sample.  The doors are currently held on with large nails!   


Thanks for any help or pictures.  Oh,  I'm up in WA  State.








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I'm posting some photos in hopes they will give you a better idea of what you are looking for.

The brackets are not the part numbers you are looking for, 252364  252365 I think they are late 31 but if someone wants to look them up and let me know it would be great but they let you know what they look like



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I'm posting some photos in hopes they will give you a better idea of what you are looking for, first is the mount that is riveted to the cowl and is just a piece of flat bar, if not there I can give dimensions.  The brass cover is a re pop from ANTIQUE CUSTOM PARTS, no longer in business, that I will sell for $35




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I'd assume if those headlight parts are from one with Glo lites, they are correct, but there were 2 types.   They do look like they have a large 'foot print'.  This car has a mark from the old ones I'll need to trace or measure.




Wow Thanks.  Looks like I need all 3 of those hoods parts. Those are the ones I need to look for.! 


 Now- what connects from the cowl to the Rad?   It looks like the edge of the hood has a rolled bead for a rod, or brace running lengthwise. ( top, Center )


I sent a PM


Thanks so much



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The ones on the radiator shell are for mine, no you can't have them ha ha

I had some trouble posting , the brass is re pop from ANTIQUE CUSTOM PARTS 

and I will sell for $35.

There is a stainless strip that runs down the center, I'll add pics, the radiator support rods are 1/2" rod fine threaded on one end to go through the cowel with nuts on inside and out, and flat on the other to bolt to the rusty bracket under the mount

Just for info I used 5/16 shoulder bolts for hinge pins with nuts on the bottom, I know there not right but they work for now and I can pull and lube them 

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I had a question about the extra  parts, no parts car but I have been working on this project for years and have picked up any parts I have found just in case and sorry I missed out on some others. I think  I know the ones  I don't need and want to see the others put to use.

I will be listing what I have but feel free to ask if I have something you might need

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 UPDATE   :   Made some contacts with other '32 owners and finding some parts However I'd still like to contact more people.  In this process I found some have parts others are looking for so it worked out good so far.  I found some things and put others in touch that also did some trading.


I found the headlight bases, visors, speedo cable, interior mouldings,  and lots of other things I did not know I needed.  Looking at other cars was very helpful and I got to see a 32 sedan and a 32 coupe in these travels. I also got pictures from others that really helped in the search and it also helped me learn more about these cars.


Thanks Rick on this forum,  Mr Muntz,  And even the guy  who 'saved' this cowl years ago and I found it later through another party.    Now back to work.







our champ truck at the Bells 017.jpg

1932 parts cowl pics 010.jpg

1932 parts cowl pics 003.jpg

1932 parts cowl pics 014.jpg

1932 parts cowl pics 021.jpg

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Working on this cowl in the last pic.  The lower side mount brackets may be available,  A rogue headlight bezel and ring also, but I have to post pics to ID it.  


I need to get rid of  a 61  Lark cop car , a 62 GT and a 63 4 speed GT to  make some space for the '32 so the body can get done.   

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