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NOS 1949 BUICK Steering Wheel Chrome Trim Pieces. SOLD!


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I have three NOS 1949 BUICK steering wheel chrome trim pieces for sale. Yes, I realize only two are used per car, but I'd like to see all three go to one new home, UNLESS the first buyer wants to purchase just one.


As you can imagine, pieces like these would be very difficult to re-chrome, if you needed to. Small, hard to buff, and easy to lose the detail of the little grooves. Not to worry, since these three I have available are NOS. Good, bright chrome, no pits, and very presentable. Please understand these are still 70 year-old-pieces, and they will show a bit of very minor shelf wear here and there. But, they still look very good.


By the way, being bright chrome, these little puppies were really hard to photograph. Everything you see in them that might look like a blemish or marks is really just a reflection of something in the room.


The price for all three is $4o, plus $6.50 for U.S.P.S. shipping in a small box. Thanks for looking. John



053 (700x524).jpg

057 (700x554).jpg

061 (700x557).jpg

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