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compensator instaltion 1955 cliper

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Not sure how level the car was when these photos were taken by a fellow who was in the middle of a restoration.  I would guess from the position of the short bar lever it was run to the position shown in the manual for an unloaded car.  In  real life where the lever sits when level is entirely dependent on other factors.   The loading of the car and bars is determined primarily by weight such as how many accessories might be installed and which length load arm link assy out of the 4 available is installed in front.  Those are the main determining factors on how much assistance the short bars will need to give the long bar to level the car and how much twist the lever will give the short bars in doing it.

View of bracket from rear of car copy.jpg

View of Bracket mounting copy.jpg

Viewed as looking from drivers side door  copy.jpg

Viewed from passenger side copy.jpg

Viewed from rear of car copy.jpg

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