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-63 Riviera tip needed regarding quarter window trim.


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Hi all, My name is Kim and im from Sweden. I bought a -63 Riviera that arrived from California just a few weeks ago and missing some bits and pieces and looking for some tip on sites to visit for new/used parts.

atm I have starting taking the whole interior out to see if it cleans up. Ordered some new weatherstrips for most of the car and noticed im missing driverside quarter window trim, Found the passanger one in the rockerpanel. I have looked at opgi.com oldbuickparts and ebay so far with no luck(and opgi I cant order from due to shipping cost was more then whole new interior, haha)

And im pretty sure i will update from time to time to ask more questions.

If anyone know they sold a -63 riviera to sweden from I belive Pomona let me know!

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Welcome and congratulations on your purchase of a First Generation Riviera!


Can you post a picture of your car and the areas with missing pieces you are looking for?


Book mark this forum as many others have asked the same questions you are going to ask soon. You can search the forum for previous discussions.


There are several forum users who sell '63-'65 Riviera parts and I am sure they will answer you call for help shortly. Be sure to also join the various Facebook Buick Riviera groups, including any dealing specifically in parts sales.


Also, please consider joining the Riviera Owners Association (www.rivowners.org). You get access to a lot of Riviera information in the Members-only section, a full color bi-monthly magazine, 'The Riview', and access to past editions (in electronic book form) of 'The Riview'.


It's worth the cost of international membership!


Please post pictures of your Riviera in the "Post some pics of your Rivieras!!!!!!!!!! " section of the forum.

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Hi Kim,


Follow Mike's advice and join the Riviera Owner's Association. We have many foreign members. As Mike said the information and support you can get from this organization is invaluable. I have attached from the ROA magazine the Riview some ads for people that sell 1963 Riviera parts. I felt this was justified even though you are not a member because of your disadvantage in obtaining parts where you are living. I'm sure that you should be able to find what you are looking for from these people. As Mike also said, pictures are really a good way to let us know what you need. Good luck.









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Thanks for all advice, and Will for sure look up the membership👍 

As i Said ive ordered new rubberseals for car and noticed now that it was from bestoffercounts as seen from pictures above. Will add an foto of the gap between Windows from where its missing.

sadly noticed the engine needed a rebuild, found 2 bent pushrods and a lifter has gone bad, found the plunger? Inside liftervalley, was hoping i could get it runing so could go and have an inspection and registration before winter. And the fusebox was gone, just my luck,haha




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2 hours ago, telriv said:

AND, from the pics it also needs a cam

Yes sir, 2 camlobes is totaly gone. My guess is someone tried to get it started and it did not go well, Was alot of "new" parts like points,condesor and so on. Taking my morning coffee and looking at rebuild kits as we speak.

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