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1923 Olds 6-Cyl Parts Car

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Got this lead today:


Secondly through my Father’s passing and time I have acquired an old Oldsmobile car and parts.  I have the front half of what I am told to be a 1923.  It has a complete frame, fenders, cowl, fuel tank, 6 cylinder engine with the bell housing and transmission.  The steering column an wheel are also there along with the front wheels and tires.  The back of the bar was removed to make a tree hauler.  It has an additional 4 speed transmission bolted behind the original transmission.  It has a windshield frame but I am not sure it is correct.  Someone removed the truck solid rubber tire rear end.  I have the rear leaf springs but could only find a 1928 rear axle.


As an Oldsmobile collector and expert do you know of anyone who would want the car and parts.   They can come and give me what they want.  I hate to scrap such a piece of history.  The car and parts are located in Erie, PA 16506.  My cell is 1-814-923-8770.


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