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Query re 50s Roadmaster front brake backing plates

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Attached is a photo of a brake backing plate from the front brake of a Roadmaster 70 series Buick.  You can see the backing plate has a round centre hole.  My Century, apart from being a smaller car, has a larger square hole allowing the spindle assembly to fit through the square hole.  I believe the pictured backing plate is from a '57' Roadmaster but my query is whether the pictured backing plate with the round hole is the same for the 52-56 Roadmasters?  In other words, do the 52-56 Roadmasters have the same round hole as oppossed to the larger sqaure shaped hole?  Thanks

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According to my books, any  52 to 56 Roadmaster will do you.  The center hole will be rectangular, as you said, to fit more of the spindle support.


You will be happier with the bigger brakes...  Just be sure to keep them adjusted.  I do mine every thousand or two miles.

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