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90 Reatta w/o Teves?

Retired w/Reatta

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For the first time this summer a Reatta came into a PnP near me (I used to see at least a half a dozen a year).  As it turned out it had none of the colors I need; white exterior w/black bumpers and side panels and red interior.  It was pretty well gone through by the time I got there but I managed to find a few items of interest.

What I really noticed was the brake system - No Teves!

Here are some photos.  Should I try to pull this whole system?



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2 hours ago, wufibug said:

Am I correct in assuming that is not the 91 setup?  Which prompts me to ask, did the 91 have anti-lock brakes that were non-Teves?


You are correct. That is not a '91 setup. The Teves system on that earlier model Reatta was removed and replaced with vacuum assist master cylinder from another vehicle.  The 91 model had a vacuum assisted anti-lock brake system. I believe it was made by Bosch.

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