1938 Buick RM Streamline Phaeton 80C (RHD) Restoration

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On ‎8‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 3:10 AM, KBEngineer said:

Hi Greg, 


  This is just one of the many cars that have been resurrected literally from dust, as most of these cars were just left to rot and no one cared. In India now people have realised what they have and are trying to preserve our heritage(cars). These cars were mostly bought by Maharaj's, rich states and the elite back in the day. As the states lost their powers to the new formed government post independence, they could not afford to maintain them and keep them running. Including their palaces, art, jewellery etc. and eventually selling everything. 


We recently had found a skeleton of a 1947 Bristol 400 lying around in Mumbai and bought it back to life, we imported parts from all over the world Australia, England etc. And bought her back to its former glory.  Do check the link posted below. 



As a youth I wandered around India for several months in 1970.  Riding a bus in Calcutta and we were passed by a family driving a 1928 Cadillac Phaeton.  It appeared to be their every day driver.  Saw numerous American antique cars in India.  I'm sure there are still some hidden away. The Maharajahs loved their Packards and other prestige marques.  Rode a mid 1960's Plymouth Sedan taxi  48 miles down hill from Darjelling to Siliguri. Was fun considering the car had no brakes whatsoever. Only someone who has been to Darjelling can appreciate this story.

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