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WTB: 68 1383641 Light switch pull knob


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I am looking for a NOS to very good condition light switch pull knob.


It appears to be a 68 only year part, GM # 1383641.


I don't find this part number on GMPartswiki.com so I am assuming it's a Buick-only part number(?).


The chrome is flaking off of mine and becoming a cutting hazard!


Any leads are appreciated. I am following a used one on Ebay but it's not pretty enough! :-P

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Is the pull knob you're looking for unique to the Riviera or is it the same for all full sized Buicks, or is it perhaps a GM corporate item.  You might want to post this in the bigger Buy/Sell forum.  Have you contacted the folks at The Buick Farm?  They have most all of the NOS stuff still around.



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4 minutes ago, Pat Curran said:

the knob itself can be replaced

The Buick Parts book lists the knob separately from the light switch. The light switch knob for '68 appears to be a one year only part applicable to all '68 Buicks. I am guessing that knob face was different from other years.

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When I get a momemt I can check my spares for you Mike -(... gotta track them down first).

Flaking chrome was a common problem for the dash knobs and escutcheons !

They did not age well, and are actually chrome plated plastic.

Will pm you if I find a keeper!

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