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Whats wrong with this picture....

Bill Stoneberg

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Looks more like WIKI how not to!

 First time I ever saw a disk caliper on a brake drum!! It would be nice to give a jacking point on your suspension first.  Not a good idea to be lifting the vehicle on the drum brake! If this is step 1 I would hate to see what the other steps are.... Of course it is on the computer so it HAS to be correct.... ????

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It is not that funny when the page shows it has been read over 12 thousand times.  I wonder what the liability is for something so blatantly misleading being used as a reference and then an ensuing accident?  Of course, chances are good that those who relied on this probably crashed their car right outside their own driveway. 



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I'd bet that when someone trying to fix their brakes for the first time read this and looked atvyhe picyures then compared what he saw in the pictures to what's in front of him, he would immediately call the nearest garage and schedule his car for a brake job.

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Wow, that is very scary, so misleading. 


In their endeavour to be politically correct and generic and not favour a particular make or model, they have missed the boat entirely. Incorrect and misleading names given for parts, brake cylinder, cylinder cups, cylinder boots are the standard names. Misleading and inaccurate diagrams.


If I were a novice with zero knowledge, then according to the diagrams and text, all I need to do is replace those two outer dust boots, bleed the system them I’m good to go!


And  then what??


It would be really funny, if it were not safety related!


Just my two bobs worth (US$ 0.000567c) 

Rodney 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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