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REO 1905-1910 part wanted The part on the motor to lower the compression when stating the car. Or details so I can make one and photos maxv1@optusnet.com.au

Max vormister

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    You are looking for a compression release.  You can easily make one by installing a small valve in the cylinder head with a rod that extends to a convenient place near the hand crank.  I am not sure the early REOs had a place to put a valve in the cylinder head, but many early engines did have them.

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This is a Model F 2 cylinder Buick with the horizontally opposed engine mounted below the body. 

The bent rod extension is conveniently mounted near the hand crank (directly above the end of the spring) to open and close the compression release.

The valve is located on a nipple at the bottom to drain excess oil to prevent hydraulic pressure from breaking the jug as well as releasing pressure for cranking.

Comrfession Release 1.jpg

Compression Release 2.jpg

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