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Buick General Manager Select Sixty Dealer program

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I am looking for information and know we have people on this forum that worked for Buick in various capacities. 

Don't know when it started or when it ended....but mainly during the period that Ed Mertz was GM at Buick there was a program called the Select Sixty Dealers.

This was to reward/recognize dealers that met a certain criteria.........also don't know what that criteria entailed

My main question.... what vehicles were part of that program?

They were NOT given the car........they were given the chance to get the car,  sometimes a special version but most often a car in high demand that was on allocation.

Some examples that we know about (not sure there was a car every year)

1982 there was a white Riviera convertible,  that had some small mirrors instead of painted,  a Select Sixty name plate for the dash,  etc

1987 they were going to build 500 Gran National GNX's......they added the GNX to the Select Sixty program and 47 dealers wanted one so they built a total of 547 GNX's  (no differenced in appearance)

1988 they got the chance to get a Reatta........since the production had just started,  they made a special hood badge which was shipped to the dealer because they were not ready when the car was built...

all these were black with tan 16 way seats only 55 were made

1990 they went crazy and did the Reatta convertible with the white leather seats,  it previewed the Flame red interior, 16" wheels to be standard in 1991,  so they would have extras for GM officials,  65 were made.

That is the only cars that I know about.........if you know of others please let us know.

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The main criteria was to reward the 60 largest dealers that had the largest sales volume and highest customer satisfaction.  Usually the cars had a special paint job and emblems with a dash plaque to identify the dealer for their commitment to BUICK. The Reattas if my memory is correct were all convertibles with a pearlescent white paint job, special hood ornament that said Select Sixty.  The cars also had a dash plaque about 2"x6" that something about Select 60 with the dealers name on the dash on the passengers side. 


Other cars might have had special interior, wheel covers with Select Sixty identification, Paint, etc..

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