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Question on 1938 Zephyr VIN


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I am hoping someone can help me clear up and clean up a title issue on a 1938 Zephyr. My boss (who passed away in 2017) had the vehicle. It was originally titled in Colorado. The title is no where to be found. Colorado has purged the record. Currently the vehicle is in New Mexico. I can get a Surety Bond Title but I will need a VIN inspection. From what I have seen online the VIN SHOULD start with an "H". The VIN number on the old registration cards and all of the records I DO have starts with an "M". Could this have had the wrong VIN on record since 1948 when my boss purchased the vehicle? There is a body number plate the starts with "86" and says "Briggs MFG. Co., Detroit. I am totally lost and in over my head on this one!



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