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Check out this 1991 coupe

Barney Eaton

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This lady called and said her car was vandalized in March and it has been setting in the garage since then... She need to sell it and would like to get $1000. Here is the story...

1991 Silver coupe/grey interior, no other options. 128k windshield broken, seats slashed and bleach splashed on interior. Buick garage says sugar has been put in gas tank. Body and paint were not damaged, original wheels fairly new tires. Vin is 1G4EC13L1MB901263

Call Synthia at 720-200-0449 if you are interested...car is in Denver.

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This car is still available I talked to her today she has a $1000 offer from Speedway, but would like to get

a little more because she had no insurance coverage. I don't think she is trying to run an auction

but could be wrong.

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Looks like someone has dismantled a '90 and is selling the parts on E-Bay. A good way to dispose of one I guess. Speedway is willing to haul the above coupe from Denver to Phoenix (he has his own transport), pay a grand, and still make a profit. Someone in the Denver area could clean up.

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