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35 Buick cowl vent attachment

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Hi,On my 35 40 series cowl vent there's an attachment underneath on the passenger side . It's a rod that looks to go through a bracket on the underside of the cowling. Is there supposed to be a spring in between the attachments or does  the rod just go into the opening? Am I missing something? Thanks,Greg.



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I do not have a 1935 Buick, mine is a 1941. I can say that the setup looks similar.

In my case the rod stays in the hole because there is a right angle spring steel fastener that joins the two. It wraps around the rod on both sides of the vent attachment. I was able to remove mine  by prying at it with a screwdriver. It looks like yours is missing. A photo is below.

If you can’t find this part you may be able to find a small tubing extender (like you sometimes find joining together rods going to a carburetor) with a small screw stop threaded into the sideDA2E9C10-292F-482B-9447-63153AE5DBA7.thumb.jpeg.86cd046bfbab762881c68b3b46930f65.jpeg

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Thanks,I have the rod that attaches to the vent,I was just unsure if the other end of the rod which goes into my opening is supposed to have something attached to it. I'm not sure what it's purpose is. Greg.

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