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I have a set of 4 Buffalo wire wheels. Size#5 with dental drive hubs. Includes 4 wheels, 4 lock rings, 4 dental drive hubs, and 4 caps. Wheels are in good shape for 90 year old wheels. The rims have pitting on the insides, but appear sound. They have been powder coated red but stored somewhat poorly. The finish is not perfect for a concourse restoration, but shows very well. The rings have been rechromed, again, not perfect, but show very well. I have many hubs to choose from and will include the nicest set of 4 i have with these wheels. They have all been sandblasted but not refinished. Same for the caps. I bought these with a group of early Ford parts, and I am not 100% sure what they fit. But some of the caps I have say Pierce Arrow, LaSalle, Stutz, and maybe Buick on them. 


To be honest, if you are looking at this ad, you probably know more about them than I do. Asking $2500 obo 20190723_123646.thumb.jpg.84cbc29a21a89103bff201f2ef381cc0.jpg20190723_123944.thumb.jpg.f47e7ebdbf4e6572f0fae8904a866406.jpg




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8 hours ago, Layden B said:

Just for your enlightenment... These were called corrugated drive by the factory. Think of the cross section of a corrugated box wall. Dental drives are very square, gear teeth.

Hey thanks! I was just going by what I was told they were called. Your explanation makes more sense. Thank you

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