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Can you help me identify these?

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A gentleman who finds a bunch of stuff from metal detecting asked me to sell these for him. Problem is, I don’t know what they are? Can someone please help me out?


Thanks in advance and thanks for letting new guy ask a question right out of the gate.




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 Looks like you guys were right. Your clues have helped me stumble upon some information. I believe this actually IS stovetop related. I think the T and K stand for “Tuttle & Kift”


THANK YOU all. I appreciate it. I was hoping it was off a wheel or a steering wheel, but at least I know now.

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1 hour ago, 48Firetruck said:

That's a dial wheel off an old gas pump. Small numbers, probably the pump totalizer which would have been 5 or 6 digits long.


 That’s so cool. I love the fact that it’s off a gas pump.  Two questions, do you know what era of gas pumps this probably would’ve been off of and what is a pump totalizer?


 After the suggestion came up of what it was, I looked it up online and I found somewhat similar ones but the Seller said they were partially plastic. I don’t believe any part of this is plastic. The white part almost looks like a ceramic of some sort with the other portions being metal I believe.


Thanks to all who have contributed to this conversation.

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1 hour ago, Smoke Wagon said:


 I’m not sure what you mean by this. Can you explain more? Are you talking about the two vertical strips of metal?

Yes, also called bumper guards.

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