Scott Farrington

1941 Model 47 four door touring sedan

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I have - for parts OR WHOLE - a 1941 Buick Model 47 Special Touring Sedan Car is almost complete and was parked outdoors in the mid to late 60's. 


WHOLE CAR: Floors gone.  Rockers gone.  Damage on passenger side door and fender.Left grill broken, right grill intact and a good core.  I have the grill center with a cool emblem on it on my mancave wall...if it is really wanted, let me know.  The driver's side fender and an extra pasenger side front door are included with the complete car - Complete car includes a set of fender skirts and compound carb system.  Hood is useable.  One headlight door.  One bent fender spear could be repaird (p-side)  I can help load here.  The Left grill is shattered and gone.  Car was driven to where it sat. Interior has seat frames and a complete dash and most glass was in it all this time.  Car has a 1961 Iowa title!    $1200 or best offer for full car.  That covers the carb set up and the fender skirts.  


 Compound carburation system   Both carbs, the manifolds, the linkages, the tin, the breather - everything is there. It is a COMPLETE COMPOUND CARBURETION SYSTEM for a 41 Buick that is in need of restoration.  The carbs will need freed up.  Surface rust on the tin, and it will be packaged carefully with everything marked.  Fuel lines to carbs and everything including the linkages to make this system work.  I have all but 1 of the manifold bolts out of the head - it is ready to slide off the engine with the turn of a wrench.  $700 or BEST OFFER  I will get pictures of the air cleaner and remainder of the tin that is for this system. It is all there.


Car has a set of restorable fender skirts - both have the base stainless in good shape, the metal has surface rust on it.  BOTH of the skirts have damaged potmetal (looks like a towel or pant leg may have caught on one of the spears at some point) Very restorable. $500.00 or best offer







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Serial number is 14052200 in case anyone wants to know that.

Body Tag:  

1941  MOD 47        OK

Style No: 41-4269

Body No: 1015 or 1013  (hard to read)

Trim No: 902

Paint No: 562

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