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47 Cabriolet top

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Hello ,

I had intended to polish the paint and chrome pieces on my top frame , but unfortunately they are not going to make

the grade. I will have to disassemble and plate/paint.

Any guidance or suggestions from somebody who has been there/done that?

I assume there are replacement fasteners for the rivetted joints. Is there a good source?  Kits?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Dennis


I have seen them sold on a Ford parts sight, but failed to save it--Alan Whelihan Vintage Auto Warehouse lists them

I drilled out the rivit end, then drilled it , tapped and installed a short bolt, washer to reattatch..ok , functional but

I was looking for a set as well.  I had them rechromed along with the irons.


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I have always found or made stainless rivets. No chance of hammering off the plating when installing.

stainless will buff to look like chrome. Good luck and take pictures for reference

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