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1948 Pontiac Differential

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I have them -- NEW -- N.O.S. Very U.S.A. made --

Fits 1948 - 1952 Pontiac --ALL--

The old National number is 6244. 

The old Victor number is 49588.

   But I have to confess -- I am not sure what your question is???

    You are welcome to call me -- I can pull one and describe it to you...

      Yours, Craig -- 516 - 485 - 1935 .... New York.

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I'll bet he wants to know if that rear axle uses shims or a crush sleeve to set the pinion bearing preload.


On some axles it makes the difference between quick and easy, or hard and scary. If the axle uses a ball bearing and a Hyatt bearing on the pinion like my 1936 Pontiac (and several models of Chevrolet and Buick) does, it may not even be the right question to be asking.


1948 sounds way too early for crush sleeves to me, but I just don't know. Anybody got a shop manual?

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