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Jack Welch

From the National Meet Committee

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This thread is meant to be a means to keep members in the know about the progress of the National meet Committee. It is an informational thread. As the NMC Chair. I will attempt to keep the membership informed. As a start, anyone who went to Midwest City got a questionnaire in their registration allowing members to give feedback to the NMC about their likes and dislikes. It was not meant as a critique of the Midwest City meet, but as an opinion on National Meets in general. The responses from that questionnaire are still coming in. I will post the opinions (mostly, very much the same so far) when I feel most of the forms have been returned. For those unaware of the process, the NMC committee acts as an advisor to help Chapters or regions submit a proposal for a national Meet, and works with them throughout the meet planning process, and to some extent help run the meet itself.  We also do the selection process that used to be done by the BOD. Upon completion of that process, we make a recommendation to the BOD to choose the selected Chapter / region. So far, this has worked out well. The NMC is constantly  relooking at their role and making corrections as needed. As everyone knows, the 2020 National meet will be in Strongsville Ohio. 

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Who is the National Meet committee and how are they selected? The National Meet committee consists of the BCA President, The BCA Chief Judge, The BCA Treasurer (or CFO if no Treasurer) The Past National Meet Director , the upcoming National Meet Directors and several Members at large. The members at Large are selected  by the current Committee positions open up.

The Current membership is made up of the following: John Steed BCA President, Kevin Kinney BCA Chief Judge, Bill Stoneberg Treasurer, Pete Phillips Past National Meet Director, Heather Banhidy 2020 National Meet Director, Marck Barker 2021 National Meet Director, Melanie Mauser , 2022 National Meet Director . The members at large include. Jack Welch National Meet Committee Chair, Bob Staryzk, Vice National Meet Chair, Bob Safrit , Alan Oldfield, Pat Wojahn , Brian DePouli

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The Midwest City National meet was the  smaller side , but it still managed to generate a profit. The lack of BCA members in that area was known going in, and resulted in a small meet. The good news is that going forward, we know it is possible to run a small meet and still at least break even. The profit generated was because of the excellent management of that meet by the host Chapter . (The North Texas Chapter). 

The results of the survey that was included in the registration packets provided the following data: 

270 Registrants

49 Forms returned by members

The reason for attending a BCA National Meet : (members could give more than one answer to this question)

40 said to meet with and spend time with Buick friends

25 to have their car judged

5 to display their car only with out having it judged

21 to go on the tours


for people not attending the banquet only two members responded with a reason. 1 was because of cost, 1 because they found it boring


The answer to the question of whether members would pay more money for an upscale location ,16 members indicated they would


The answer to the question of whether or not events should be planned for younger Children. 14 Members answered that we should have such events.


The answer to the question of whether the National Meets should continue to be moved around the Country . 45 Members answered yes


The answer to  How far would you travel for a National Meet   500 mi    10

                                                                                                                 1000 mi    11

                                                                                                                 Anywhere 16

The answer to your favorite meet activity

                               Swap meet                                6

                                The people.                             12

                               Tours                                          6

                               Car show                                 12

                              BOD meeting.                            1

                               Banquet                                    1


This data will be helpful to the National Meet Committee in planning future events

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