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Pair of Delco Remy Lovejoy " Shock absorbers"

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This is a pair of Delco Remy Lovejoy shock absorbers. They may have had othere terms for these rather than shock absorbers.

I note they  are numbered and one is a  "1-R" and "2-R"  I assume the R refers to rear. I have a selection of axle attachments as well but no pairs.

If you have an example  of the one you need I will check and see if I can match it.

I do not know if these were OEM or just after market. If they were OEM and someone knows what they are off of please share that information with us.

I am asking $150.00 for the pair plus postage if required.

Let me know if you need other pictures of these units


Tanks for eading this ad.






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22 minutes ago, Vila007 said:

I would really like pictures of the other dampers you talked about too. If they haven't been sold. 

// Victor 

If you check put my other posts alot of them are up on this forum. All are still available. they were posted some months ago.

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11 hours ago, Vila007 said:

Great! Can you send to sweden then? Have you posted other pictures in other conversations? Because I could online find these ones. 

There were 3 sets posted august 17

\i am struggling with this site to copy and paste the links

you should be able to click on my name at the left and get to everything I have posted.

These parts are all packed away in a trailer so I need more guidance on what you are looking for...

Gabriel type shocks  or

Lovejoy type shocks


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I am looking for a pair of lovejoy shock absorbers. The length of the arms and so on is not that important because I have 2 that I can take spare parts from. Of course I understand that there will be an extra shipping cost. I send a picture of the ones I have.

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