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36 Zephyr Project

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Hello, new guy here.  I recently got a job @ Austin Speed  Shop and was assigned the task of working on a build of a 36 Zephyr coupe.

The guys that took it apart and did the work that is done are no longer around.  So, nobody there knows anything about all that.  I have a pile of parts, a bunch of bolts and what not in baggies, but, not pictures or, anything else.

I need information on body mechanical assembly. Things such as window regulators, parking brake lever, hood latch etc.   Does the factory repair manual show this stuff?  All the suspension/drive train/ electrical/ is modern hot rod kinda stuff so, that is not a problem.   I can buy a reproduction manual but,  don't want to if does not have the info I need.

So, looking for advice as to where to find this info. -Thanks!

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I'd look for a parts book, and a body book, nice drawings and dimensions.  Probably better would be to find an intact Lincoln of your model and take lots of pictures.


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What a beautiful car!!  And no small task, there will be so many questions, can't do with just a couple phone calls! Any way you can get to the LZOC Gilmore Show near Kalamazoo Aug 7-12, or the Homestead Iowa Central Show Sept 12-14, or the next West Coast Show?  Check to assure 36's will be there; take pics there of areas of need- talk to owners. Authenticity manual will help a little; few diagrams in Body manual; a few more in the Chassis manual. Won't find all in one place. Some "Sources" vendors on web page have diagrams built into their parts/price lists.

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