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If you are able to find some original bulbs but not step down the voltage to common headlight bulbs, the owner will always encounter the issue of trying to find a bulb if one blows. I imagine the light switch is fed with a single direct feed. Step the voltage down to twelve volts between that feed and the headlight switch  and it will automatically allow use of 12v bulbs anywhere else on the car. If the horns are fed off the light switch, another small terminal board can be installed with that high voltage feed going to it first, then any high voltage accessory can be fed off the terminal board including the step down for the lighting circuit. All this can be kept under the dash and the original harness kept in place, all that’s being done is a small accessory harness is being added to the system. Just an idea. Something like this.


Note: realize the input voltage is greater than the unit above but they make others and are probably a good company to talk to about solutions to your issue.

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This isn't rocket surgery,  


What terminal of what battery is connected to ground?


Then tap the other terminal of that battery for your 12 volt source. You will have 12 volts from that wire to ground. The polarity of that 12 volt source is determined by which terminal of that battery is connected to ground, but incandescent bulbs DO NOT CARE!




Now, as far as disconnecting the existing lamp wiring from the 84 volt source, that needs to be done or things will go downhill.😲

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It is not proper to tap off that way. You have a bank of 7 batteries in series. They will discharge uniformly. Remain "balanced." And they will charge uniformly.


If you just tap off one of that set in series for accessories, then it discharges more than the others; the bank becomes unbalanced.



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