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Whiny power steering


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Hey, I used to own a Corvette and loved to pound her through the curves leading up to my house. Now my Reatta is no Vette, but she hung on to the curves great with not as much body lean as I might have expected from a Buick. However, the power steering started to whine something awful even after I backed off and started driving like a typical Buick driver again. She groaned and whined up a storm as I turned the wheel and pulled into the garage. The next day she was her normal, quiet self. Then a few days later I pounded her through the curves, and again she became a whinny b*tch! Steering feels fine, she just likes to complain. I am afraid that if I drive her hard for a longer period of time, something will break. Has anyone else had this problem? What did you end up doing? I have a parts car I could swap out the pump.

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There is a procedure to remove a hose and blow out the system but it is pretty intimidation and requires bleeding the system etc. So this is a simple cheat.

It has been a while since I have done this preventative maintenance so I should be thinking about it again. I took a recently washed turkey baster and sucked out as much old fluid that I could from the reservoir. I then refilled with fresh <span style="font-weight: bold">synthetic power steering fluid</span> to the proper level. Repeat every couple of days once it becomes well mixed. Probably not as good as a flush but 10% of the work and 85.625% of the benefit. Go through a couple of quarts. You could save some money by using regular power steering fluid for the first quart.

I find that synthetic anything is less likely to foam. Just might solve your problem.

Bleeding involves turning lock to lock etc. see manual.

If still whining give it some Halloween candy bat.gifcrazy.gif

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I just read your suggestion for solving whiny power steering, and it came in very handy as I am experiencing the phenomena with my '88. As soon as I finish cooking my Thanksgiving turkey, the baster is switching careers. As far as adding the synthetic every couple days as you suggest, does that mean removing all the fluid in the resovoir each time, then add the synthetic until the max replacement is affected. How many bastings do you estimate that would that require? Thanks.

Paul in L.A.

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Paul, Being a typical "A' type personality I felt that the max full was only a <span style="font-style: italic">suggestion</span> crazy.gif I sucked it completely dry and overfilled it several times. You drive it to well mix the old and new. Only fill to proper level on last fill. You could blow out some seals if you really overfill it to the top, use your judgment.

How many bastings, well that depends on the size of your baster. What I did was put a garbage can lid on the ground under the car and just sucked it up and dumped it straight down to the lid. Went fast. Too many dribbles to try and dump it in another container.

Clean with an engine cleaner spray when you are done.

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