Steve Hammatt

Haulage available from Pac NW to Hershey and return (via SoCal both ways) October 2019

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Time to start planning for transportation needs from Seattle area to Hershey or in-between SoCal and Hershey, and similar routes returning to PacNW from Hershey.  I'll have room for one or two small car(s) between SoCal eastward to Ohio.  Also have room for vehicle(s) from SoCal northward to PacNW.  Most other segments I can haul wheels, transmissions, etc.  Give me a call at 360-661-6060 and we'll see if we can help get your parts and/or vehicles moved.

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Steve great to see your making the trip. I have item to ship back  Joe Block


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Got back Friday from a GREAT trip to Australia touring in an HCCA International Tour in Bathurst and

a Veterans (AU Pre-1919) VCCA Tour north of Brisbane.  I'm pooped!

I'm working with a 72 hour turnaround to leave to Hershey.

Please contact me after Thursday (when I'm leaving SoCal) to discuss your


I can spend some contact time with you after the initial rush of

getting stuff to Long Beach, CA (on my trip vial SoCal and then to Hershey).

Tell me what you're thinking of and where it needs to go from and to.

Super thanks.


text or phone calls 360-661-6060

Steve Hammatt

Mount Vernon WA USA


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