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removing light chrome scratches

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I got some new reproduction chrome hubcaps for my Lasalle. I was handling one with gloves that evidently had some grit in them and it left some light scratches in the chrome. If not for the fact that the chrome is new and perfect the scratches would not be that noticeable. Is there a way to remove the scratches without making it worse? I tried Brasso and it did nothing. Thanks, Tom

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Try "Semichrome" polish,

It is fantastic on chrome and aluminum.

Sold in a little tube at most motorcycle shops.


Mike in Colorado


Now you know why Dave Kindig's crew always wears white cotton gloves during any final assembly work.

That will be 2 points off sir !

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The fine grit in the glove left a "haze" in the new chrome. The simichrome took away the haze but did not take all the scratches out. Overall, the damage is a lot less noticeable and I am satisfied. I am not going to try anything else. I applied and buffed off the simichrome about 5 times with a flannel rag. 

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