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When is the Reatta's turn?


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14 minutes ago, handmedownreatta said:

im often tempted to buy a broke fiero and swap in a supercharged 3.8.i understand that its hard to find one with a good interior though.

Most of the interior is available repop.

I am in the middle of building a 3.8 SC.

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Had several Fieros, one Iron Duke, rest V6s and the V6 is one of the best sounding cars imaginable (right up there with a Corvair on trombones).

JDM is making the MR2 popular now, but agree the mid-engine is neat (actually went from a Fiero GT to the Blue Coupe when I wanted a bigger Fiero.


Ultimate were the Archie kits with a SBC though an L67/4T65E is a good combo.


and then there was the GP GTP with "twin dual cam V6" and five speed manual (47 built) I had for a while. Rare but not very desirable.


as to the Reatta, are still too many on CraigsList



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