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1951 Super- Parts or Whole

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Hey guys, selling my 1951 model 52 4 door Buick super. For sale as a whole if you want it or ask for individual parts. Not sure what everything is worth but I'll go off what seems reasonable based off ebay and other listings of the same stuff. I think I'd like around 700$? for the complete car. Located in northwest Iowa


block and head are both not cracked, but need some machining work done(2 sleeves, valve work) I can load these on a pallet and use fastenal or whatever.

I have the engine fully dissasembled and all the parts, some are in decent shape, starter seems to work, water pump, carb, fuel pump seems rebuildable. intake/exhaust manifold isnt cracked. Crankshaft is in good condition along with cam and rods.


Body is rough but some of the trim is probably salvageable.


Heres some pictures



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Location and whole car price would help any potential buyers evaluate their interest. 

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