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1965 Buick Paint and Color Codes


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A=Regal Black

C=Arctic White

D=Astro Blue

E=Midnight Blue

H=Seafoam Green

J=Verde Green

K=Turquoise Mist

L=Midnight Aqua

N=Burgandy Mist

R=Flame Rd

S=Sahara Mist

T=Champagne Mist

V=Shell Beige

Y=Bamboo Cream

Z=Silver Cloud


9178-LH Dark Saddle Semi-Gloss

9199-LH Dark Saddle Flat

4621-L Silver Semi-Gloss

9174-LH Dark grey Semi-Glss

9195-LH Dark Grey Flat

4633-L Med. Green Semi-Gloss

9225-LH Dark Green Flat

4634-LH Midnight Green Flat

9226-LH Dark Green Semi-Gloss

4628-L Med Turqoise Semi-Gloss

9176-LM Dark Turqoise Semi-Gloss

9197-LH Dark Turqoise Flat

4630-L Md Blue Semi Gloss

9172-LH Dark Blue Semi-Gloss

9194-LH Dark Blue Flat

9183-LM Red Semi-Gloss

4625-LH Med Red Semi-Gloss

9181-LM Dark Red Semi-Gloss

9201-LM Dark Red Flat

88 Black Semi- Gloss

4428-L Black Flat

Hope it helps!

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